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Beverly J. Mays said, "..." »

Maxc said, "Beta adult ..." »

Doug said, "I have pure angus bulls ready to work. Round Rock area." »

Nancy Cramblit said, "Hello Ralph, Sara and fam! We're hoping you are happy with..." »

JULIO said, "I'm looking for bulls of 18 or 20 months angus black if you can s..." »

nottingham said, "Oh, nothing unfortunately, I'm not a farmer but love the country ..." »

Gary Briers said, "Yes, I have some cattle in Grimes County. I was looking for a re..." »

online business school said, "Can you suggest some of the variety of cuts which ill be there in..." »

Zebra 140Xi4 barcode label printer said, "15-16 pounds of beef sounds awesome. I am looking forward to subs..." »

Adrian McCulloch said, " I love your wonderful beef and the tie d..." »

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