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April is here already!

Posted 4/2/2017 9:33am by Ralph Mitchell.
Greetings once again Wild Type Ranch customers, 
Believe it or not, a quarter of the year has already been used up, and temperatures are slowly elevating. We have had good rains and the place is as green as it can be.
We have a couple of cows that will calve a little later than expected, and we have only one more expectant mama to calve any time soon. Once she has her calf on the ground, she and the last mama who calved last weekend will be moved to their new residence about nine miles away where they will be getting the very best of attention. The new owners absolutely love this small herd with its wonderful docile temperament and easy management.
As discussed previously, we will purchase back the harvest animals, so we can still supply beef from our grass-fed genetics into the future.
The new owners are very keen keep the cows in a chemical-free, natural environment. They want to be as close to organic as we have been, and have already begun applying our highly recommended Neptune's Harvest organic ocean fish and seaweed fertilizer. This has been a great transition for us and we all win! Especially those customers who plan to stay with us once the labor intensive CSA program closes around mid-year and we begin to sell halves and quarters instead.
We have just picked up our latest harvest and are delighted with the quality. We have ample ground beef available once again, so have put the ten-pack of ground beef back up for purchase on our website both with CSA purchase and separately. We apologize for being short of ground beef last month.

Our website now has halves and quarters made available every second month through to the new year. There is a CSA eighth available for April. There are eighths available for May just now, and should you feel that you could use one in April, please email us and we will see what we can do to help. Eighths will be discontinued some time around mid-year unless there is enough demand for us to continue with them.

We also have new supplies of nitrate-free natural Beef Pan Sausage available, along with plenty of bags of beef bones which make such a tasty bone broth or soup. Our ever popular Grill, Value and Variety packs are available as well. This month's delivery dates are listed below.

Special notice for CSA members: Sometime between June and August (we’ll keep you posted on the exact timing), the Cow-Share program will be discontinued. If you have completed your agreement with us (the purchase of eight CSA packs within 12-18 months of enrollment), your last CSA order will be paid for from the subscription fee that you paid us when you joined the Cow-Share program. Those who enrolled within the last 18 months and have not had time to complete their commitment by June will receive a pro-rata credit on their last pack that is ordered, based on the number of packs that you have purchased. Those subscribers who don't participate in the Cow-Share program by the end of June will be deemed to have abandoned the program and will forfeit the subscription. For information about your CSA membership, please refer to the terms and conditions here.
What happens after mid-year? After we shut down the CSA program, we will be selling halves and quarters, several times per year. You can reserve your quarter or half here. We will maintain an email list of active customers, so you will continue to be notified as we have beef available.
With the downsizing of our operation, we can no longer justify the annual expense of our online store. We plan to keep it active until the CSA program closes. After that, we will simplify our website and the main difference in the ordering process will be that you will email us your order instead of doing it through the online store.
Thanks for supporting us, and preferring sustainable, naturally produced, healthy, local food! 
The Wild Type Ranch Team (Ralph, Sara, and Cathy)


The Mercantile at Dyer Dairy 7801 E. Hwy 29, Georgetown, TX 
Thursday April 20th between 1:00 and 1:20 PM
Arboretum Brick Oven  (next to Jolleyville HEB)
Tuesday April 11th between 11:00 and 11:30 AM
Round Rock:  Renaissance Square Shopping Center, 1601 S Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664:   In the parking lot outside the Exchange Church
Tuesday April 11th between 12:00 Noon and 12:20 PM
Temple: 902 S. Main, Temple  
Thursday April 20th between 11:30 and 11:45 AM
Brazos Farmer's Market 
500 N. Main, Downtown Bryan
We will making deliveries only at this market: April 15th, from 10:00 am to 11:00 noon
By arrangement at the ranch (please e-mail to schedule)