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June news from Wild Type Ranch

Posted 6/1/2017 8:47am by Ralph Mitchell.

Greetings to our faithful and loyal Wild Type Ranch customers...

Thanks to all of you good folk who responded to last month's email. Your input was valuable and the comments/suggestions will be taken on board as we move forward after the end of the CSA program in June.

Those who have not yet ordered the final CSA pack, this month of June will be where you CSA members will exit our CSA program, so those who wish to use their deposit to buy their final CSA pack need to make an order this month.

If you don't have the freezer space or the need for a CSA pack this month but have been purchasing from us this year, we will apply your CSA deposit (or pro-rated portion) against your next order, once we transition to eighths, quarters and halves. If this sounds like your situation, please email us here so that we can make sure that it happens. Those CSA members who don't order this month or email us, will miss out, as there will not be any more CSA packs.

If you haven't bought the prerequisite 8 CSA packs as per the agreement, don't be alarmed, as we will pro-rate the cost of your final CSA pack, using the deposit divided by the eight packs. You'll get your last pack at a substantial discount. Those who have bought eight or more CSA packs will get their last pack paid for by the deposit that we hold. After June there will be no more CSA program. Those who fail to order or contact us will miss out.

We asked last month for feedback from you. We asked about our proposal to provide 45 pound packs that are an 'eighth' beef. There appears to be some significant interest in the 45 pound eighths, especially due to the pack having more variety and cuts than the CSA packs. Also having a set weight and price appears to be popular.

The 45 pound eighth will cost $400, and will require a $250 deposit, or full payment (if you prefer) at the time of ordering, not at delivery.

We plan to continue to facilitate delivery to the current monthly distribution points possibly every second month, depending on demand. Thanks so much for your support!

The Wild Type Ranch team...

This month, our deliveries are as follows...


The Mercantile at Dyer Dairy 7801 E. Hwy 29, Georgetown, TX  
Thursday June 15th between 1:00 and 1:20 PM
Arboretum Brick Oven  (next to Jolleyville HEB)
Tuesday June 13th between 11:00 and 11:30 AM
Round Rock:  Renaissance Square Shopping Center, 1601 S Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664:   In the parking lot outside the Exchange Church
Tuesday June 13th between 12:00 Noon and 12:20 PM
Temple: 902 S. Main, Temple   
Thursday June 15th between 11:30 and 11:45 AM
Brazos Farmer's Market  
500 N. Main, Downtown Bryan
We will making deliveries only at this market: June 17th, from 10:00 am to 11:00 noon
By arrangement at the ranch (please e-mail to schedule)