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Cow-Share Program (CSA)

Buy a half beef in smaller amounts over the course of a year

Sorry, but the Wild Type Ranch CSA Cow-Share program is closed to new subscribers. The information below is for existing members.

Wild Type Ranch Beef Cow-Share Program (CSA)

Wild Type Ranch offers two different CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs.  Through a CSA, you commit to purchase a “share” of the harvest throughout the year.  In return, you are guaranteed first-in-line for availability of our products and also receive a price break.  Our programs allow subscribers to receive beef near the per-pound price of a half beef, but to receive it throughout the year in more manageable portions.  

Monthly Beef-plus CSA:  Each month, CSA members have the option to receive a pack, and may purchase packs as many or as few months as fits their life.  The monthly CSA pack consists of 18-20 pounds of beef, plus your choice of  our own summer sausage, pan sausage, beef jerky (as available) for a set price of $155/pack.  The monthly beef selection will consist of 1 roast, 3-5 steaks, 8-12 pounds of a mix of ground beef, hamburger patties and chili beef and 2-4 packages of other cuts such as cutlets, short ribs, stew beef, soup bones and stir fry beef. Enrollment fee: $155. Minimum commitment is 8 packs.  Once the 8 pack commitment is met, the enrollment fee becomes a deposit that will be applied to the subscriber's last order when they leave the program.  

1/8th Beef  CSA:  Subscribers have an option each odd-numbered month on 1/8th beef (35-55 pounds).  A subscription requires at least 4 portions to be purchased per year.  The cost per CSA pack is $8.50 per packaged pound (compared to $9.25/packaged pound for buying a single 1/8th).  Price is guaranteed through the end of the calendar year.  Enrollment fee: $250

For both CSAs, an enrollment fee serves as a deposit, which will be applied to the final pack when you decide to end your subscription.  Each CSA pack is then payable on delivery.  CSA packs can be picked up at Wild Type Ranch, at the Brazos Farmer’s Market, or at one of our regular monthly pickup points as follows:

Round Rock: Renaissance Square Shopping Center, 1601 S Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664. In the parking lot outside the Exchange Church

Arboretum Brick Oven (next to Jolleyville HEB)

Temple 902 S. Main, Temple

The Mercantile at Dyer Dairy 7801 E. Hwy 29, Georgetown, TX

Questions?  E-mail us at



HOW OFTEN IS THE CSA?  We harvest for monthly CSAs every month. The eighth-beef CSAs are available in even-numbered months. 

HOW DO I ORDER MY PACK EACH TIME?  The CSAs are 'opt-in' each, using the CSA member only section of the online order page.  You go to the page to place your order, along with any CSA-member special pricing or items.  We will send out an e-mail a week or two prior to the order deadline, and a follow-up reminder before we close out the ordering for the month.  We pack the CSA beef as soon as we pick up the beef from the processor, then release any remaining beef to be sold to non-CSA members.

HOW DO I PAY?  You can pay by Paypal for your pack and extras when you place your order, pay via transfer from you bank through a link on the invoice you will be sent prior to delivery or pay by check or cash at pickup.  We don’t accept credit cards at this time.

WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE ANY OF THE DELIVERY DATES FOR THE MONTH? If you are not able to take a pack on any of the scheduled delivery days, you may opt to delay until the following month (limited delivery days in some non-CSA months) or skip a month.  Just make a note in the comment box when you place your order for the pack via the online order page.   You may also come out to the ranch to pick up your pack; just arrange a time ahead of time, so we can be sure someone is here.  Because the CSAs are opt-in, you may skip a pack at any time. 

WHAT ELSE DO I GET?  Besides beef, Monthly CSA members get a stick of summer sausage, beef jerky or pan sausage (all made with our own beef and no MSG or added nitrates).  We occasionally include cheese, pork sausage, veal, etc.  In addition to your regular pack, you can request any of the liver, heart and tongue for free (first come, first serve) via the members-only order page and you get a discount on summer sausage. 

CAN I ORDER EXTRA BEEF?  You can place an order for extra items via the regular online store.  We will add it to your invoice for your CSA delivery date.

HOW LONG IS MY ENROLLMENT?  You are expected to stay with the program for a minimum purchase equivalent of a half beef (4 eighth beef CSA packs or 8 monthly packs).  You stay a member, until you tell us you wish to cancel.  At the time of cancelling, we apply your deposit to the cost of your last pack, if you have met your minimum.

WHAT IF I MISS PICKING UP MY PACK?  We understand that happens sometimes.  We try to send reminders out, but don’t always make it so we suggest putting the delivery date on your calendar when you order, or when you get your invoice.  If you forget, we ask that you email us at and arrange a pickup that month or ask us to hold your beef for the following month.  If you miss twice in a row and do not arrange a pickup, we will use your deposit to pay for your pack, as we cannot restock after the beef has been out of our freezer a certain amount of time.