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Naural Angus Beef

We currently have the following products for sale.
Our Products
Bone-in Ribeye
Boneless Ribeye
Calf Liver
Coarse Grind
Extra Lean Ground Beef
Quarter or Half Pound
Meaty Shank Soup Bone
Neck Soup Bone
Whole Oxtail
Sirloin Kabobs
2 Inch Cubes
Standing Rib Roast
By Special Order
Stew Beef
Strip Loin Roast
Tenderloin Steak
Texas Style Boneless Ribs
Veal Cutlets
Veal Loin Chops
Veal Rib Chops
Veal Tenderloin Roast
Whole Tenderloin
By Special Order
Chuck Roast
Flank Steak
Thick Top Round
New York Strip Steak
Short Ribs
Skirt Steak
T-Bone Steak