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Wild Type Ranch Beef FAQ

Why is Wild Type Ranch beef higher quality than what I might typically buy in the grocery store?

• Wild Type Ranch beef is produced by quality Angus and Devon breeding stock. Angus produces the most consistently high quality beef of any breed in the US. Our cattle are selected for tenderness and beef quality while being raised solely on what they can eat from our organically fertilized pastures.

• Wild Type Ranch beef is pasture-raised without growth-enhancing hormone implants. 

• Our cattle are raised and finished on grass and hay. Nothing else.

• Grass-fed beef has more ‘beef’ flavor. Each animal is bred and individually managed to make sure that every cut of beef we sell is top quality.

• We keep detailed records on each animal.

• Most of our beef grades the equivalent of Choice.

• Vacuum packaging and flash-freezing done at the processing facility preserves quality. Slow freezing causes the meat fibers to rupture due to the formation of large ice crystals, so juices are lost when the meat is thawed.

• We dry-age our beef 14-21 days to enhance both flavor and tenderness. • We taste-test steaks and ground beef from every carcass before we sell it to you. If it’s not tender and tasty, we won’t sell it!

How long can I store my beef?

• The vacuum packaging gives maximum freezer life to your beef. You can safely store your beef steaks, roasts, etc. for 9-12 months and ground beef for 6-9 months in the freezer. Thawed, unopened packages can be stored in the refrigerator for 7-10 days.

Has my beef been federally inspected and graded?

• Wild Type Ranch beef is processed at a local state-licensed packing facility.

• Your beef was inspected at that facility by a federal inspector to ensure it is safe for consumption.

• Local facilities typically do not process enough beef to have the specially trained graders needed to assign USDA grades of Select, Choice and Prime.

Why is this beef a different color than what I get in the store?

• The bright red color of beef from the grocery case comes from exposure of the meat to air. Exposure to air is the first step in beef ‘going off’ or spoiling and significantly shortens its use by date, whether fresh or frozen. Your beef was vacuum sealed as soon as it was cut, preventing this exposure. If you leave your open, thawed beef on a loosely covered plate, it too, will turn the familiar cherry red. The fat on your beef may look a bit more yellow than what you get from the store, too. This is because Wild Type Ranch beef cattle spend their entire life grazing fresh grass or home-grown hay. The yellow color comes from the Beta-carotene in the hay and grass on which the diet of our cattle is based.

What makes your beef not organic?

• “Organic” is a very specific set of criteria covering all aspects of raising food. We are very serious stewards of our land. We care for our ranch using techniques such as shredding (mowing) weeds and rotational grazing. We only use organic ocean sourced fertilizer from Neptune's Harvest.

"Organic" also includes strict restrictions on the health and veterinary care that the animals can receive. ALL antibiotics and most drugs are absolutely prohibited. We treat our cattle in this regard as we do our own children; we do what is in their best interest for promoting overall health and reducing suffering. While we vaccinate and worm our cattle in the interests of overall good health, we do not use routine (prophylactic) antibiotics in our cattle and it is rare that we have sick cattle. We keep a complete medical history on each animal. If this issue is critical to you, it is possible to pre-order beef from animals that have never been treated at any point.

• Our philosophy is “judicious and ethical use of technology”. We do what fits for each situation, adhering to a way of life rather than a set of rules.We are as close to organic as we can be, without having to go through an audit and external appraisal of our operation.

Is Wild Type Ranch Beef Solely Grass-fed?

• Our beef is first and foremost, grass and hay fed. • Our calves are always on pasture and their primary diet is always grass and/or hay. We feed absolutely NO grain or manufactured feed to finish our harvest animals.

What is Marbling?

• Marbling is the little flecks of fat sprinkled throughout the muscle that gives steaks their juiciness and much of their flavor. Marbling is what determines the grade of Prime/Choice or Select. Marbling is determined by genetics and the rate and amount of gain. We manage our cattle to make sure they grow well enough to express their genetic potential. By combining genetics and management, we are able to produce quality beef, purely on what nature provides in the pasture.