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Bag of Beef Bones ONLY with beef order (Read the info!)

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With an overwhelming demand for marrow bones, we are now making bags of beef bones available. These are bones that have been stripped of much of the meat, but retain marrow, connective tissue, collagen and fat etc... All that good stuff from pasture raised, grass-fed beef.

The bones can be used to make fantastic healthy bone broth. A good recipe is here... Grass-fed Beef Broth. Another informative perspective and recipe is here...

Care is needed when giving these bones to pets, as the occasional bone may have a sharp point on it from the processing. While we give these bones to our ranch dogs every day, it is your responsibility if you choose to give these delicious bones to your pets.

The bags vary in size a bit, but we will ensure that for each bag ordered, you will receive 4 to 5 pounds of bones. The lighter ones often have more bones in them.


Producer: Wild Type Ranch
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