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Wild Type Ranch At A Glance

Wild Type Ranch is a family ranch located near Cameron, in Milam County, Texas. We are husband and wife team Ralph Mitchell and Sara Faivre-Davis, with Cathy helping us out when needed. We raise beef cattle based on Red and Black Angus genetics, producing 100% pasture-raised Natural Angus Beef.

  • Our cattle are raised entirely on grass, never any grain or other feed.
  • Our pastures are only fertilized with Neptune's Harvest organic ocean fish and seaweed fertilizer.
  • No herbicides or chemicals are routinely sprayed. All pasture weeds are mechanically shredded back onto the ground as a natural mulch.
  • No growth implants or antibiotics are used for enhanced growth rates.


Our guiding principle is respect for all life.  We believe in the judicious and ethical use of technology in producing a high quality, sustainable product, while practicing responsible environmental stewardship.

We'll stack our beef up against any in the country

Check back often for updates on beef availability.