Wild Type Ranch produces 100% pasture-raised natural grass-fed Texas Beef.

We deliver beef Sampler, Eighth, and Quarter packs to Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and Bryan/College Station bi-monthly.  

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Naturally Grass-fed Pasture-raised Beef


  • Our cattle are raised entirely on grass, never any grain or other feed.
  • No herbicides or chemicals are routinely sprayed. All pasture weeds are mechanically shredded back onto the ground as a natural mulch.
  • No growth implants or antibiotics are used for enhanced growth rates. 


Ethical Stewardship

 Our guiding principle is respect for all life.  We believe in the judicious and ethical use of technology in producing a high quality, sustainable product, while practicing responsible environmental stewardship. 


Delicious Flash-frozen Vacuum-packed Beef Packs

$175 - 18 pound Sampler Pack

$400 - 45 pound Eighth Pack

$780 - 90 pound Quarter Pack

Packs are made up of a seasonal variation of selected cuts selected from both front and hind quarters.

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