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Wild Type Ranch At A Glance

Wild Type Ranch is a family ranch located near Cameron, in Milam County, Texas. We are husband and wife team Ralph Mitchell and Sara Faivre. We raise beef cattle based on Red and Black Angus genetics, producing 100% pasture-raised Natural Grass-fed Beef.

  • Our cattle are raised entirely on grass, never any grain or other feed.
  • Our pastures are only fertilized with Neptune's Harvest organic ocean fish and seaweed fertilizer.
  • No herbicides or chemicals are routinely sprayed. All pasture weeds are mechanically shredded back onto the ground as a natural mulch.
  • No growth implants or antibiotics are used for enhanced growth rates.

Our guiding principle is respect for all life.  We believe in the judicious and ethical use of technology in producing a high quality, sustainable product, while practicing responsible environmental stewardship.

If anyone needs any convincing that grass-fed beef is better than commercially raised animals, have a look here...

If you're looking for some inspiration when you're cooking beef (as well as other meats), you'll find it at Jess Pryles' very educational website that has many amazing recipes freely available...

Or even better, try her fabulous cookbook 'Hard Core Carnivore'. It touches on the science and chemistry that transforms meat into a delicious eating experience and has many wonderful recipes that will definitely provide the inspiration. You can buy it from her website, or from Amazon. Highly recommended!